What's new

This What's New provides an overview of the features that are introduced or enhanced in Network Virtualization 9.12.

Enhanced NV Analytics report

New comparison page. The Transaction Overview page displays a graph of multiple transactions over multiple network scenarios, and includes:

  • baseline marker
  • network impact analysis
  • performance score summary
  • filtering options

Enhanced resource analysis page. Enables quick isolation of resources with a significant network impact, and includes:

  • summary of resources by type
  • graphs of largest resources by size and download time
  • filtering options

Analytics rules update

  • A new ‘Optimize Caching’ rule was added for more accurate application performance analysis.

  • The “Avoid Large objects” rule was split to assign different weights to uploads and downloads.

Enhanced predefined network profiles

The set of out-of-the-box network profiles was enhanced and expanded, including updated mobile network profiles.

Other improvements

Performance improvements and bug fixes.