Network Virtualization Licensing

You need a valid license to use NV Test Manager. Licenses from previous versions of NV are not supported. NV Test Manager must be re-licensed when upgrading.

License types

The following license types are available. You install one license per NV Test Manager installation.

License type Description How to install

Each Network Virtualization product is installed with a 14-day trial license. The trial license provides access to all product functionality (except for Virtual Appliance). The trial period begins the first time you use the product.

Caution: If you install any Network Virtualization product on a virtual machine, do not clone the machine after the trial license has started.


A seat license is a standalone license that is generated for a specific Network Virtualization product on a specific computer, and cannot be transferred to any other computer. When using seat licenses, you install a license file on each computer that has a Network Virtualization product installed (except for NV Server, which does not require a license).

Automatically enables support for the following features: Analytics, Global Library, Virtual Appliance (Linux only)

Install a seat license
Floating Floating licenses are shared dynamically between multiple client users. This enables organizations to purchase only the number of licenses that they expect to be consumed concurrently, instead of individual seat license for every client. This is useful, for example, when clients are located in different time zones, or are expected to consume licenses at different hours of the day. Computers consume a license only while actively using Network Virtualization components. Install and use floating licenses

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License features

Depending on the license type, you may need to select one or more features when installing a license:

Feature Description Available for:
Emulation flows

Defines the number of emulation flows that can run concurrently, regardless of the number of tests. Each test can include one or more emulation flows. A flow is a set of network impairments and conditions that are applied to the network traffic that moves between the client and server IP addresses that are specified in the flow.

When installing or checking out a license, the number of emulation flows is subtracted from the purchased bank of emulation flows, as defined in the HPE license portal.

Bank of emulation flows

When purchasing Network Virtualization, the purchaser specifies the total number of emulation flows required for all potential licenses. This becomes the "bank" of emulation flows from which each NV Test Manager license can "check out" as many emulation flows as needed. Purchased emulation flows can be divided among all NV Test Manager installations, as shown in the following example.

Example: If your company purchased 100 emulation flows, in the HPE license portal you can activate:

  • 100 licenses—each with one flow

  • 30 licenses—10 with five flows, 15 with two flows, and 5 with four flows

Integration with other HPE products

Mobile Center. Each mobile device uses one emulation flow.

UFT. Each UFT instance uses one emulation flow.

NV Test Manager

Allows you to run the analysis routine to analyze test results and generate the NV Analytics Report.

NV Test Manager
Global Library

Allows your emulation flows to import the built-in network profiles available from NV Test Manager's Global Library. A network profile is a set of parameters that define network impairments and conditions.

NV Test Manager
Virtual Appliance Allows you to deploy Network Virtualization software on a dedicated physical server and route traffic through that server. This enables you to use Network Virtualization software to impair traffic flowing in the network to support network virtualization. For details, see Setting up the Testing Environment. NV Test Manager on Linux

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