Analyzing Test Results

After you run a test, you can generate comprehensive reports that help you improve the performance of your application. NV Test Manager does this by analyzing the packets that were captured while the test ran.

Analysis is typically performed per transaction. Including transactions enables you to focus the test on relevant network traffic, to get insights into the performance of each transaction separately, and to locate issues more accurately. This can help you understand which aspects of a transaction took the most time to perform, what changes can be implemented to improve the transaction response times, and why a transaction failed.

If a test does not include any transactions, analysis is performed on the packet list for the entire test.

Run the analysis routine

After a test has finished running, you can open the test and run the analysis routine from the NV Test Manager. After a test had been analyzed, the "Analyzed" icon appears as an attribute for the test in the list of completed tests.

To run the analysis routine:

  1. Make sure that the Analysis settings are correct. For details, see Configure NV Test Manager Settings.

  2. Start a test . Create transactions, if needed. For details, see Add transactions.

  3. Perform any transactions. For details, see Run transactions.

  4. Stop the test.

  5. Select Run Analysis > Standard Analysis. NV Test Manager runs the analysis routine in the background. When the routine is complete, the Run Analysis button changes to Successfully analyzed.

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View and manage the analysis results

To... Do this...
View a transaction report
  • In the Transactions tab, click View Analytics Report for a specific transaction.

  • In the Analytics tab, select a transaction from the drop-down list.

Group results by transaction or network distribution, and view in a table or graph

In the Transactions tab, toggle between views:

  • Click the Group by Transaction or Network Scenario buttons.

  • Click the table or graph view buttons .

Save a packet list to a file
  • For a specific transaction: In the Transactions tab, click Download Packet List for the transaction you want to save. This saves the packet list for the selected transaction to a .pcap file.
  • For a test without transactions: At the top of the page, click Download and select Packet List. This saves the packet list for the entire test.

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Run a detailed transaction analysis

Follow these steps to test your application and run a detailed transaction analysis.

After analysis, you can view the results in NV Test Manager, or download a comprehensive NV Analytics report.

  1. Create a test.
  2. Select the No emulation network profile. In the Current scenario field, enter Baseline. This name will be displayed in the NV Analytics report and enable you to identify the scenario that was run without emulation.
  3. Start the test.
  4. Create transactions.
  5. Perform the transactions.
  6. Unlock the test to change the configuration:

    1. Select a different value for Profile.
    2. Make sure to modify the Current scenario name. This name will be displayed in the NV Analytics report.
  7. Update the test configuration to apply the new network profile.
  8. Rerun the transactions under the new network conditions.
  9. Repeat these steps as needed for all network scenarios you want to test.
  10. Stop the test.
  11. Run NV analysis.
  12. Review the results:

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NV Analytics Report

In the Analytics tab, the NV Analytics Report sidebar displays information about transaction durations, and provides navigation controls to the various pages of the NV Analytics Report:


Item Description
Network Time The time it takes the transaction to complete between the first packet of the request and the last packet of the transaction.
Duration The total time between the transaction start and end.

Report pages

Name Description
Summaries Client Network Server Breakdown and metrics for various protocols.
General Analysis Subtransaction details for all protocols.
HTTP Analysis Breakdown of HTTP traffic to subtransactions
Optimization Recommendations Best Practice recommendations for optimizing network traffic to your website. The Optimization report shows violations of the rules for each transaction.
Resource Analysis Breakdown of resources by instance and size.
Endpoint Latencies Round-trip latency statistics between the client (source) and server (destination) endpoints

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Download the NV Analytics Report

After running and analyzing a test in NV Test Manager, you can download a copy of the NV Analytics Report in .html format. The report is packaged in a .zip file, making it easy to share with others.

  1. In NV Test Manager, on the Tests page, click a test name.
  2. At the top of the page, click Download and select Analytics.

    NV Test Manager creates a .zip file that contains a standalone version of the NV Analytics Report. Save the .zip file on your local machine.

    Note: The files in the zip file must be saved locally to display correctly.

  3. After extracting the zip file, open the EmbeddedReport.html file to view the report.

    The report opens to the Transaction Overview page, showing details about transaction duration and throughput during the test.

  4. Drill down into a specific transaction to see additional analysis results and optimization recommendations.

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